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Angle of Support Possession Drill

Focus of the Drill

This drill has been designed to teach the young soccer players the feat of angle of support and spacing which is needed to keep the possession of the ball. It not only improves the efficiency of players but also makes them understand the important angles and movement.


10 X 10 yards is the size suitable for the grid. You have to first organize the team into groups of three players. Each group will be for one grid and the three players of that group are required to stand near three different corners of grid with one ball.

Angle of Support Possession Drill

How to Play?

Following are important instructions and key points for players: 1. Do not leave an empty cone adjacent to the player with the ball. If the player standing at position 1 has the ball and the drill begins from him, and the other two players are positioned at 2 and 4 at the cones next to the player at 1, then the player standing at position 1 can pass the ball to any of the other two players. 2. Let’s suppose that the player at position 1 passes the ball to the position 2 player, then in that case the player at position 4 must quickly take up the position 3. This is done to cover the player in “un-defended space”. 3. There is no defensive pressure at all in this drill. Players can easily pass the ball to either of the two supporting players. This simple drill requires all the soccer players to pay attention to the movement of the ball. Through this drill, they are also expected to anticipate the next move which will make them move to the “Undefended” space faster.

Different Versions

Following are a few variations you can introduce according to your requirements:

1. Its entirely your choice to either play in 1 or 2 touches.

2. You are allowed to add a defender

Coaching Points

  1. As a coach, make sure that your players are well aware and are using their mind along with their bodies so they can quickly take over the next supporting positon.

  2. Explain the concept of Defended Space through a diagram to the team players.

  3. Make sure to help your team players with good angle of support

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