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5v2 Rotating Defenders

Focus of the Drill

The main focus of this drill is to help the players keep possession. They would get better in making passes along with passing decisions. The drill is meant to help the players move quickly to the open space and have a good communication with their team players through their moves.

Drill Setup

For the setting up of the grid, you have to: 1. First create a grid of a size approximately 15X15 yards.

2. You have to then place 5 attackers inside the grid in an alternate jersey.

3. You can pair up the remaining players as defenders behind one corner cone with the supply of balls.

5v2 Rotating Defenders

How to Play?

Following guidelines should be kept in mind for this drill: 1. When the game starts, the first pair of defenders has to pass the ball into the 5 attackers.

2. In the game, the defenders are required to immediately step into the grid. This makes them become defenders creating a 5v2 inside the grid space.

3. The 5 attackers have to try to put together a set number of passes. Pushups are done by two defenders if this is achieved.

4. The ball keeps getting passed by the attackers in the game unless or until the defenders win the ball. There is another possibility of the ball is knocked out of play. In that case, the ball keeps getting passed by attackers as well.

5. The next pair of defenders plays into the same 5 attackers once the ball is dead. After that, the game play resumes.

Different Versions

The variations which can be brought in the game play are: 1. You can adjust grid the grid size according to the requirements for making it easy or hard for the defenders and attackers.

2. You can introduce splits according to your choice. 3. You can adjust the number of attackers as required.

Coaching Points

For effective coaching of the team: 1. You should have a clear vision regarding the outcomes of this drill

2. You should know how to changes the direction and speed of game play.

3. You should be well aware of the appropriate use of 1st touch.

4. You should know the appropriate use of short or long passing.

5. You should be able to focus on and deliver good passes to feet.

6. You should have a good first touch towards space.

7. Your decision making skills should be strong and reliable.

8. You should be good in adjusting the speed of play.

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