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4v4 To Lines or Small Goals

Focus of the Drill

This innovative and diverse 4v4 soccer drill is the smallest version of a full sided soccer game. It focuses on all aspects of soccer which includes: passing, receiving, support, attacking, defending, penetration, and spreading the field. The drill is a great way to master the game of soccer.


For setting up this drill, you have to first create a grid that is approximately 40 X 25 yards in total size. Then, you have to create a small goal around 8 feet wide and you have to allow the players to attack the end line. Since the length of field is greater than its width, the dimensions of the playing field create an emphasis on passing in the game. There is a premium on playing the ball forward early.

4v4 To Lines or Small Goals

How to Play

To begin playing this game:

First of all make sure that each team has either a line to defend OR two small goals to defend. Scoring is done by following method:

  1. Score is given for stopping the ball anywhere along the line.

  2. Score is also awarded for stopping the ball in either small goal.

Different Versions

Following alterations and changes can be done in this drill:

Depending on the age group and skill of all the team players, you can change the field size to maximize the effectiveness of the workout.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you can work on following: Offensively:

  1. You can focus on the sight and vision of all the team players. Make sure that they are able to look up since the number of team players is limited. Player's heads should be on a constant pivot.

  2. Make sure to work on the verbal and non-verbal communication of team players.

  3. You can work on the support of team players so you know that they are using the entire playing area for the game.

  4. You can focus on the appropriate use of 1st touch

  5. You can also focus on the appropriate use of short or long passing

  6. You should see the changes in the direction and speed of play

  7. You can also create goal scoring opportunities


  1. You can focus on the good Defensive Principles of players which includes tackling with pressure, cover, balance

  2. You should try to get as many people behind the ball as possible

  3. You should be able to tell the players tactics of good communication

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