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2v2 Dribbling to Beat the Defender

Focus of Drill The main focus of this drill is to help the team players recognize when is the best time to dribble, pass, and get off a shot once the first defender is beaten. This drill significantly helps in improving the game strategy of all players and makes them sharper in their moves in the field.


For setting up:

  1. First of all, you have to create a 30X10 size yard grid.

  2. Divide the grid into 3 10X10 grids of equal size.

  3. In this drill, two attackers have to start at the top of the grid.

  4. One defender should start on the side of the 1st middle line

  5. Another defender starts on the opposite side of the next line.

  6. A goal with a goalkeeper is made to stand at the end line.

  7. Pugg Goal can also be used in place of the larger goal and goalkeeper.

2v2 Dribbling to Beat the Defender

How to Play

Following are the guidelines for this drill: 1. First of all, start the game by instructing player "A" to pass to player "B" and attack the goal on the opposite goal line.

2. Player "C" and "D" become active when the 1st pass is made from Player "A" to player "B".

3. Player "C" is limited to grid "1" and player "D" is limited to defend in grid "2".

4. Player "A" and "B" must combine efforts and should be willing to take risks.

5. Good and accurate support angles and distance to the player in possession are the two keypoints for a supporting player.

6. When a defender has been beaten, a shot can be made.

7. Players should be encouraged to beat the defender and finish with a shot.

Different Versions

Following new variations can be introduced in the game: 1. Pugg Goal can be used instead of the larger goal and goalkeeper

2. You can remove grid restrictions on defenders.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, keep following things in mind:

  1. Teach players to changing direction to beat the defender

  2. Instruct the players to change pace after change of direction go get past defender

  3. Supporting player should be encouraged to help player in possession

  4. Finish with a shot

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