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1v1 Competition

Focus of the Drill

Focusing on the game play between only two players, this drill allows to be used on both the offensive and defensive sides. Attackers can attack the defenders with enhanced efficieny, quick pace variation thus being able to effectively getting behind the defensive players in the offensive side. They can also do the shooting at half chances on the offensive side. Whereas the defensive side differs in a sense that it allows you to focus on closing down quickly, thus forcing the attacker to the side and stopping the attack.


Following are the guidelines to setting up for this drill:

  1. First of all, split the team into two separate groups.

  2. Make sure that each group is wearing alternate jerseys with a goal keeper available.

  3. Then, make sure to place a cone at a distance of around 25 yards from the goal.

  4. In this drill, one team will defends the goal, and the other team is the attacking team

  5. The attacking team will start at the cone placed at a distance of around 25 yards from goal.

  6. 5 minutes will be given to each team for this game play.

1v1 Competition

How to Play

Ball is played by the first defender into the first attacker. The defender moves forward to defend and the attacker try to beat the defender. If the goal is scored, point is awarded to the attacker’s team. After the goal , or if the defensive player is able to successfully win the ball, the next defender plays a ball into the next attacker. In this way, the game play continues. 5 minutes are given to each team to attack as well as to defend. If a team attempts to score the highest goal count, it wins. Two games are played and a winner is awarded in the end. In case of tie, an extra round is played.

Different Versions

  1. It can be changed into a 2v2 game play.

  2. The game players can be made to "beat" the defender before shooting in this game.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you can use following strategies:

  1. Offensive: You can get the defender to attach with speed, be fast in getting away, and quickly trying to get behind the defender. He should shoot at any half-chance.

  2. Defensive: Train the defender to close down quickly. He should be able to force the attacker to the weak side and later, close the attacker down.

Teach the Fast, Slow, Outside, Low technique to the team

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