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One on One Towards Goal

Focus of the drill

This one on one competition is great to improve players’ finishing ability, creating a realistic one on one situation for the attacker to beat the last defender and score a goal. The drill focus is on keeping good close control on the ball, use body strength to keep the defender away if necessary and finish with a good composed shot on goal.

Drill Setup

Make a 12 X 5 yard grid just inside the penalty area and assign 1 defender to this grid. You should have a goalkeeper playing in goal. Put a cone around 7-8 yards away from the grid. All remaining players should start with a ball at the cone that is outside of the grid.

One on One Towards Goal

How to play?

Quite simply, the defender should aim to stop the attackers from getting through the grid, and exit the other side of it. The defender is only allowed to defend within the set grid, and the attacker should try to beat the defender, but must exit the grid in between the cones behind the defender, and not the sides. The attacker tries to beat the defender with skill, speed and agility, while trying to get a shot on goal when out of the grid. In order to keep the defenders fresh, you should rotate every 1-2 minutes to make it tough on the attackers.

Different Versions

You can change this up to make by making the attacker that is stopped by the defender, become a defender himself immediately, and try to stop the next attacker in line.

Depending on the skill level and age, you can adjust the defensive grid to allow more or less scoring opportunities.

Another alternative is to make two identical grids side by side, and have the attacker getting the choice of attacking either left or right side. However, the defenders must still stay within their own grid, and the attacker must exit through the opposite short side of the grid, and not the sides.

Coaching Tips

Focus on players having good close control of the ball, and keeping it as close to their feet as possible.

Have the attackers set on keeping calm and ending the attack with a good shot on goal.

Tell the players to attempt beating the defender with acceleration and fast change of tempo and direction.

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