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Attack vs. Defense Shooting With Quick Defending

Focus of the drill

Kids really love this drill where the players get the chance to work on both attacking (shooting), and on their defensive skills. The drill should also be a very fast paced on if the coach makes sure to keep up the effectiveness of this drill. The players develop some of the most basic and essential skills of soccer with this fun drill.

Drill Setup

Set up a training grid of roughly the same width as the penalty box, and around 25-30 yards away from goal. You need a goalkeeper in goal. If you have two available goalkeepers you can alternate between the two keepers either doing every other attack or doing 5 each and then switch. The remaining players should be split into two groups (for example Red and Yellow). Make sure that every player has a ball available, and that the two groups line up on opposite sides of the cones that are placed farthest away from the goal.

Attacking vs Defending Shooting Drill

How to play?

The coach gives the go-ahead once everyone is properly lined up. The first player from the red team then dribbles the ball at full speed towards goal, and has to quickly take a shot as he/she is around the edge of the box. Once the Red player has completed the shot, the first player from the Yellow team should dribble the ball towards the penalty box, and the Red team’s player should then attempt to defend the shot attempt. After that it it is just repeated over and over, as the Yellow team’s player becomes the defender in the next attack immediately after shooting the ball. The game can then end once a certain number of goals have been scored, or after a certain period of time decided by the coach.

Coaching Tips


Tell the players to make sure that they attack quickly, and they try to stay in control of the ball at all times, getting to the shot quickly once the defender approaches.

Make sure that the attacker gets a shot off on target, even when he/she is put under pressure by the defender.

All dribbling should be carried out with speed, no stoppages to dribble back and forth, since the drill is meant to simulate real game situations where forwards go one on one versus defenders. If the attacker slows down, or dribbles backwards to avoid the defender the attack is therefore finished, since in real life the rest of the defense would have caught up by then.


Focus on quick transitions from attacking to defending, and staying alert.

The defender should not make a fools rush towards the attacker, but try to slow the run down by defending intelligently, simulating real game situations, waiting for teammates to track back to help out in defense.

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