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Simon Says - The Soccer Version

Focus of the drill

This is a great soccer drill for players at U5-U8. The drill’s main emphasis is on developing better close control and quick reactions to changing situations. The players also develop their listening skills as they have to focus on what is said while playing.

Drill Setup

Set up a playing field of 20x30 yards using cones. Each player should have a ball.

Simon Says - Soccer Version

How to play?

The game is quite simple, you play Simon Says while the players dribble around the designated playing area. If a player gets caught doing a move when the coach does not first say “Simon Says” they get a minus point. The player with the fewest minus points wins when the game has finished.

Some examples of things you could say are: Dribble with your left foot, dribble in a circle with the outside of your foot, change direction, jump over the ball, stop the ball, keep the ball up with 3 headers. Etc.

Different Versions

Play the game without a ball, players running around in the area, doing various different commands without the ball.

Players can run around with the ball in their hands.

Coaching Tips

Make sure that you emphasize player awareness and close control, dribbling while keeping the ball close to perform the commands as quickly as possible.

Tell the players that it is essential to pay attention and listen to the coaches commands.

For the youngest players you can do things such as clap between your legs, or clap behind your back, in order to increase their body awareness.

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