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The Numbers Game

Focus of the drill

The main focus in this drill is on 1v1 situations for younger players to practice individual skills. The players get to develop skills such as dribbling, shooting, shielding & turning. The objective is to beat the other opponent.

The Numbers Game

Drill Setup

Set up a small playing field for the 1v1 challenges, of approximately 15X20. Use two small goals at each end line. Divide the group into two evenly numbered teams and give each player on either side a number. For example if you have 7 players on each side, you give out a number from 1-7 on both sides. One of the groups should be wearing bibs or matching jerseys that are different from the opponents.

How to play?

The coach plays the ball into the goal area and calls out one of the numbers attached to the players. The players must then react quickly and sprint into the area with a 1 on 1 chase for the ball. The game continues until the ball is either out of bounds or a goal is scored.

Different Versions

You can create different versions of this drill by calling out more than one number, to create a 2v2 or 3v3 situation.

Coaching Tips

Be encouraging for the players to take on their opponent.

Tell the players to shoot whenever they have the chance to do so.

Instruct the players to shield and protect the ball when necessary.

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