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Focus of the drill

This is a drill that is primarily for younger players ages between U5-U8. The drill is really fun for kids, and it teaches them to dribble while looking up and striking the ball at a target. Kids really enjoy this exercise as it is amusing for them to strike the ball at the coach.

Drill Setup

Set up a grid that is approximately 20X30 yards. Depending on the skill level and the quantity of players, you might want to adjust the size to the situation. All players must stay within the grid, and have a ball at their feet.


How to play?

The objective of the game is for the players to try to strike the ball at the coach, who is jogging around the designated area of play. The players receive one point for each time they manage to hit the coach. In order to make the game more fun for the kids, the coach should yell OUCH each time the players manage to hit him/her.

Different Versions

Especially with younger players, if they are struggling to hit the coach, the coach should give the players a better chance of hitting him/her by stopping for a few seconds at the time.

Also as mentioned previously, you can adjust the size of the playing area in order to make it more difficult or easier for the players to hit the coach.

Alternatively you can ask them to practice using different parts of the foot when striking the ball, and also switch between left and right foot.

Coaching Tips

Make the players aware of the fact that it is important to look up and not keep their heads down when doing this. In order to hit the coach they must ensure they keep their head up while dribbling and striking the ball at the coach. Pay attention to the way the players are striking the ball, and ensure that they are doing it correctly, and make appropriate corrections accordingly with breaks to explain this if needed.

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